Two new toys in one week – this here blog, and this.  A present to myself for removing 15% of my earthly presence over the last few months, and an incitement to begin the exercise half of the plan to Get Fit This Year.

I’ll feed this virtual toy with a pic of the physical one – I’m not going out to play with it yet, it’s raining.


I can never resist beautiful engineering.

But I had a helluva job getting it under my pillow last night.



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3 Responses to “Teaser”

  1. A London Elf Says:

    It is a great photo – are they sprockets ? Sprockets handily rhymes with rockets and mock it. I could never get my head round bike gears for some reason.

  2. pamisherwood Says:

    sprockets is also one of my favourite words in photography. Ah how I remember teaching the little darlings how to load film – “it’s the sprockets in the camera that pull the film through, line up the teeth with these little holes… george, don’t do that… then thread the tongue through this slot…..” *sigh*

    Bike gears are simple. The more teeth at the front, and the fewer teeth at the back, the faster you go but the harder the work. This bike has 24 combinations all told. The smallest front one was described by Dobbin (yes) in the bike shop as a special granny gear, it has fewer teeth than RRHood’s own granny. So once I get onto the damn thing, I will be able to ride up walls.

  3. I rode it! « Pam Isherwood’s Weblog Says:

    […] rode it! What? […]

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