As if by magic

this billboard has appeared on the neglected Wards Corner department store building, in Seven Sisters where I live.

Good morning Wards Corner

Good morning Wards Corner

This Saturday there will be an embrace-the-base type demo there, to form a human chain around the store, the Seven Sisters indoor market, and adjacent block of shops and houses; all these are threatened with demolition if a huge slash-and-burn plan is approved next week at a meeting of Haringey Council’s planning committee.

I’ve got involved in the campaign against the Council’s plan for the site, not least because it seems like a winner. Real regeneration is possible and needed. Throwing up two old-fashioned tower blocks of private-sale flats, and clone-town shops, will do nothing for the area.

See the Wards Corner Community Coalition campaign website for the context and updates.



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2 Responses to “As if by magic”

  1. A London Elf Says:

    Love the billboard!!

  2. Poster Wars « Pam Isherwood’s Weblog Says:

    […] You all know about our lovely billboard at Wards […]

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