¡ Venceramos ! mark 1

The London Borough of Haringey special planning committee meeting scheduled for tomorrow which was to decide about the Grainger plan to demolish the Wards Corner site, has been cancelled. No explanation yet. It will be rescheduled in September.

Stop Press

Stop Press

Stop Press
L B Haringey Planning Committee meeting CANCELLED
“This is to advise you that the Special Planning Meeting arranged for Thursday 24 July 2008 has now been cancelled.
Anne Thomas
Clerk to the Planning Cttee”
Wed, 23 Jul 2008 16:43:37


– celebration planned instead (Thurs, 6.15pm-7pm at the Civic Centre, Wood Green)

We may send someone in to scout the committee rooms in case there is a secret cabal meeting somewhere and this is all a trick….



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2 Responses to “¡ Venceramos ! mark 1”

  1. A London Elf Says:

    Bear in mind that it takes many battles to win a war. But well done!

  2. Pam I Says:

    We have no illusions, we know they have just gone off to re-group. But don’t doubt that without the WCC campaign, that corner of my world would have become a pile of rubble by xmas.

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