Tortoise news

Today I was meant to be on tortoise duty, this is what happens when you stick around in town instead of nipping over to Andorra for the hols. I got a reprieve as another tortoise foster-parent is back, but I thought you may like this archive pic anyway.

Fiona, inedible and edible versions

Fiona, inedible and edible versions

Tortoises are great. They should be part of every childhood, and it’s now OK to buy one legally from a proper supplier. There’s nothing* closer to dinosaurs that you can have living in your back garden. Next choice is sloths, they get bad press but any vertebrate that is so unhurried as to grow algae through its fur is fine by me.  Sadly I am unable to replicate the Patagonian rain forest here in sunny Tottenham.

*on second thoughts, there are woodlice, Tottenham’s answer to the armadillo. Speaking of armadillos, this sort can move in anytime.



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2 Responses to “Tortoise news”

  1. A London Elf Says:

    Have you adopted a tortoise. How cute.

  2. Pam I Says:

    No I’m just on standby for looking after Fiona, George and Oscar, when their primary carers go away. They have a combined age of about 200 years, ie they go back over 50 years in the UK. They’ll probably outlive us all. They need fresh food every day, and the check that they haven’t fallen over and got stuck in an inelegant position.

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