Tortoise News 2

A whole weekend with this serious responsibility. I think I passed.

Oscar has breakfast

Oscar has breakfast

It’s quite a task to find all three of them, they are very good at hiding. So it’s a big relief to see a scene such as this:

Tortoise races

Tortoise races



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2 Responses to “Tortoise News 2”

  1. A London Elf Says:

    When I was a girl and learning Latin we learned a rousing song that went

    Ego, ego sum testudo,
    Pater, mater est testudo,
    Soror, farater est testudo
    Ego, ego sum testudo
    Atque hoc superbio.

    If you require a translation I will happily supply one.
    A tortoise was of course the Roman military formation where they raised their shields above their heads en bloc.

    London egghead.

  2. A London Elf Says:

    They are rather gorgeous

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