Toni M. in SE1

At the Queen Elizabeth Hall to see Toni Morrison, here to promote her new book, A Mercy.

Toni Morrison in conversation with Hermione Lee

Toni Morrison and Hermione Lee

These ‘in conversation’ things can be a bit surreal – an intimate chat until they look up and then, hey, what are all these people doing in my room?

Some readings on an NPR page are here as downloads.

Sneaked some wobbly photos from Row E. I should have seen if I could have done some proper pics backstage; I found a listing too late that she was also reading at Hatchards the following day, a smaller gig, so I could have got to Row A. Ho hum.

An event to follow was in the QEH Front Room, i.e. the space by the bar. Posh music.

Front Room

Front Room

Then on my way home, an encounter with some of those terrifying young people on the tube. They were insistant that they were not from Kings College.

Terror on the tube

Terror on the tube

Terror on the Tube 2

Terror on the Tube 2

High culture all around.


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