Diary Date

Diary date

Pass it on. Cliick image for A4 version or email me (see About) for hi-res copy.



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3 Responses to “Diary Date”

  1. candy amsden Says:

    Think that your image is lovely, but I think that we need something more serious at this point. Nick has done a leaflet and poster which Inkwell will print on Monday. I will send it to you. Candy

  2. Raul Mancera Says:

    I think the Poster is very good, but what about if we add some strings to the monster so it will look like a puppet, and we let see the NDC managing the strings? After all the NDC were the ones who gave Grainger the contract

  3. Pam I Says:

    Nice idea, have you noticed the logo the monster is wearing?

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