King of the World

Wednesday morning, 4.55 a.m.

Wednesday morning, 4.55 a.m.



First Family

First Family

To paste directly from AB’s blog:

“dzieger – A democratic house and senate and a president with a mandate to undo the damage of the last 8 years. Also, I hear he’s black, which has some symbolic significance.

Great as this is, everything is still shit, of course. And I don’t know that Obama and the Dems, even with complete control of the government, can bail us out of it.

But, by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, there is a glimmer of hope. We will soon actually have a president who, however you feel about his specific policies, doesn’t fucking hate us. Whatever he does, he won’t be specifically out to get us. That, my friends, is change.”

Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson

Slightly late victory for the original Mr Rainbow Alliance. Will he get a job from Mr O.?



Probably the most satisfying emotion in the world.

Dancing in the Street

Dancing in the Street

These crowds remind me of our triumphal reaction in 1997 when we ended EIGHTEEN YEARS of Tory rule.  The US crowds are out there quicker, from their faster counting systems. I went cruising the streets of London at 4 a.m. on that memorable day, thinking it would be like Italy or Spain with carloads of young people and balloons and stuff, but found Central London deserted – exhaustion I guess. Decided to go and have a look at the river, my favourite cityscape. And found this followed rapidly by this as NuLab’s party was at the Festival Hall, pre-booked in anticipation.

What’s Tracy Chapman doing these days anyway?


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2 Responses to “King of the World”

  1. London Elf Says:

    Tracy Chapman is alive and well and playing Hammersmith Apollo on 14th December whither I am going to see her !

  2. Traceeee « Pam Isherwood’s Weblog Says:

    […] answer my own question, Tracy Chapman filled the Hammersmith Palais on December 16th. Next question – how come 90% of the […]

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