He should have been there

Round three starts here

Round three starts here

Verdict today at the High Court on the Wards Corner Judicial Review.  Given that Graingers The Evil Developer stands to make about £50million from this scheme, how far will we have to go?  A long way, it seems. To my simple amateur perception, our challenge was obvious – first, that the chair of the planning committee is blatantly biased; second, that they failed to do a formal race impact assessment. Chummy the judge says (five hours later) that the examples we gave of the chair’s bias were too old (doesn’t that mean she has had years to consolidate her prejudices) and best of all, that because L B Haringey has a race equality policy that recognises that this area has a lot of BME (their word) businesses etc, they automatically take that into account at the planning stage.

Then he tried to stitch us up tighter by pointing out that all his decisions weere based on FACTS so we would have no grounds to appeal.

So now another wait while the transcript is prepared so we can pick over Chummy’s words.

Somehow it doesnt seem real.




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  2. Pam I Says:

    Oh good, you mean we didnt have our appeal rejected after all?

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