It’s there

Off the Wall

The exhibition on the work of Format Photographers is now up at the National Portrait Gallery – room 38a to save your shoe leather.

Here’s my pic of Joan Ruddock. Photo by Brenda Prince whose pic of Jackie Forster (who should have been made a Dame) is also seen.

It’s a really nice layout and will be there for six months.

Chuffed, very.



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8 Responses to “It’s there”

  1. 15 inches of fame « Pam Isherwood’s Weblog Says:

    […] other work from Format, my alma mater agency, on the holy wall of the National Portrait Gallery. [Update – it's up] Joan Ruddock, 1983, Greenham Common Easter […]

  2. rosy Says:

    I love that smile of yours in the photo – SO VERY WELL DONE TO ALL YOU BRILLIANT FORMAT WOMEN. Gosh!! recognition at last!! So well deserved, too long coming 0 but hey 0 that is so very good. NPG should collect all your stuff too – its such a key body of work that Format made.

  3. Frances Gillard Says:

    Congratulations Pam, great to see you and it up there .You deserve fame and fortune! Well done getting it there for the opening…!

  4. London Elf Says:

    My oh my I know a famous feminist photographer. Will get along to see it soon. Well done to all for all work past and present.

  5. Pam I Says:

    @ FG, I can make no claim to any credit, all I had to do was find the negative after 25 years. The rest was done by Maggie + Michael Ann and the NPG people.

    It does look great though, will you be passing through London in time to catch it?

  6. sherry cuttler Says:

    Brilliant Pam & big congratulations. Most photographers dream of having their work in the NPG. How cool is that 🙂

  7. Marilyn Graham and Family Says:

    I always knew someone in the family would have their fifteen minutes of fame! Well done Pam, we are all very proud – as I know Mum would have been as well. Will definitely be up to see it at some stage. Congratulations. xx

  8. Street Photography « Pam Isherwood’s Weblog Says:

    […] NPG have now linked all the Format photos in the show on their website, see the list of subjects (tho not all the images, following different decisions […]

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