Street Photography

Just popped out for breakfast, and what do I find?  I’m a billboard artist now.

Max, Joan and blur

Max, Joan and blur.


The NPG have now linked all the Format photos in the show on their website, see the list of subjects (tho not all the images, following different decisions from the other togs about levels of release).



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3 Responses to “Street Photography”

  1. helen Says:

    wow – soooo cool, will come and see in April….

    Am now in a studio apartment (with jacuzzi!), in la Linea, by the beach, after a massive seafood Sunday lunch, gazing out at at the sea with close-up of Gibraltar, ten minutes drive away, where Anne is now working. We now have many purses (English money (personal and joint); Gibraltarian money (personal and joint); euros (personal and joint) – we need to get them a bit better colour-coded) – and as to which language you are supposed to be talking….. anyway, such good fun, and the weather is also lovely and warm… xx

  2. rosy Says:

    brilliant – well done- being the poster photographer is quite a coup.
    Nice to have that bit of recognition

  3. Pam I Says:

    @ Helen, I can still envision you crawling on the car floor as we zigzagged up the side of the rock of gibraltar. Been up there again lately?

    NPG rooftop restaurant (not quite such a steep climb) does excellent breakfasts, let me know when you’re here and I will join you for Bucks Fizz and poached eggs.

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