Just for fun

This is my new best friend.

I have signed up to do GCSE Maths.

Well it’s 45 years since I last took it. More or less. I suspect things may have changed a bit since then.

So that’s every Wednesday evening for 35 weeks sorted. Four exams a year, no coursework.

I had completely forgotten how to do equations, so I got 55/60 on the diagnostic test. Also I challenged the logic on the Probabilities questions, partly to cover the fact that we never did that in my day. They had three people having different chances of winning on Premium Bonds, this would of course be illegal.

Next year, Latin, if I can find anyone who teaches it. Or maybe garden design.



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2 Responses to “Just for fun”

  1. londonelf Says:

    Good luck with it. i took mine a year early and only got a grade 3. I think you can do better!

  2. Pam I Says:

    I feel horribly obliged to get an A*. First exam is on November 15th – ‘handling data’. But – if I’m not happy with the mark, I have two chances to retake it. This may explain the ever-increasing national pass rate in GCE’s, is it the same for everything? But at least it’s now all exam, no coursework for teacher to fill in.

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