Cliches are best

Cliches are best


Saturday, the first meeting of HarinGAY. Well if you live in a borough with a name like that it has to happen, yes?

So coffee and breakfast-becoming-lunch* at San Marco’s in Bruce Grove. Ten-ish people, a beginning.

I then spent far too long setting up a blog, should have been a five minute job but WordPress has gone weird on me, I suspect I’ve missed an upgrade.  [Now I find it’s a browser issue, it works OK in Chrome.]

Have look:    haringaaay

(Can’t use CAPS in a URL, and there’s another ‘haringay’ blog which seems to be pin-ups for Da Menz. I averted my eyes.)

I am slightly bemused to find myself going along with this name after all those years of insisting that the L be spelt out in L&G.

*resistant as ever to american neologisms. Shopping ‘malls’, fie.



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