Fifty-two seconds

My first video sale – to ITN. They didn’t use it in the end, but it was a useful exercise.

Watch here. For some reason it won’t embed into this post.

Lesson one – put all the newsdesk numbers on my phone.

Lesson two – get some proper training on the differences between shooting still and moving images. Composition is the only common link, timing is a whole different process. The software becomes irrelevant, eg this is a straight upload from my little Ixus camera to Youtube, no-one needs to know how to do it for themselves at this level.

Lesson three – then learn video edit software.

Lesson four – then think about getting better toys. Just think about it, for a while. There are already a million phones looking for outlets.

NB See another viewpoint on this incident. Confirms that this was a fall not a push. On my video you can see the saddle slipping sideways. He fell off because the girth was not tightened properly.

As a First Aider, I have to challenge to way this man was moved when he potentially had a back or neck injury, or the broken leg which I think was what happened (I’m still looking for a report of his injuries). They should have cleared the immediate area and sent for medics. This was not a war zone, though they would like us to think so. Another policy failure.

This is a smaller version of my video if your machine gets stuck.


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