I’m a great-aunt

Partial solar eclipse, 4th January 2010. Philippe Huguen

Yay! My niece Karen this afternoon gave birth to Ava, 7lb something and all doing well. The first new Isherwood (sort of) of this generation*.

No photo yet so I’ve nicked this one from the Guardian’s spread of pics of the eclipse this morning. A smiley sun, for a new year and a new life.

*I’ve been a great-aunt to Michael for 30-odd years now but the novelty  has worn off, and that arrival was 6000 miles away.

Edit: Two days later, the first pic by grandad Graham is here. Lookit those fingernails.

Ava, aged one hour.

She has my chins.




One Response to “I’m a great-aunt”

  1. di kennett Says:

    Sorry Pam. I suppose it does seem like a generation x

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