Wish fulfilled

I have always wanted to re-live that childhood experience of sitting on the doorstep shelling peas.  I’ve finally got back there, albeit with a slight twist, these are beans not peas, and the doorstep is replaced by a chair at my fine garden table as the step is just a little too far down.

Bean shucking

and this is my very own back yard: 

June, summer solstice

My back yard

These lovely broad beans are from an earlier expedition to remotest Enfield, to the Parkside Pick You Own farm. It’s big, this is just the bean field:


Liz and I liked the wild bits where ‘weeds’ flourish:

The ditch

They are smart, they keep low-growing crops so not too much reaching or bending is needed:

Broad beans

I love the way that these delicate  babies have the perfect protective fluffy insulation:

Neat fit

and no waste –




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One Response to “Wish fulfilled”

  1. Liz Cruse Says:

    a good day! blew my hangover away.

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