The Morning After

A tour of Tottenham Hale retail park, 8 a.m.  Sunday 7th August.

Crime scene. It's now sealed off, I got there before the SOCOs.

J D Sports

JDS, Boots, Next. Those two looked OK but were attacked from the rear.

O2 Phones. Tottenham the new tourist destination.

O2 Phones

O2 Phones

Orange Phones. They opened last month.


Argos. Smart move, they busted into the upstairs warehouse, the shop got scant attention. So that's where those escalator things go.

P C World


Carphone Warehouse

They just couldn’t wait to get their presents unwrapped:


Would have been handy up the road:

Weapon of choice

There were some odd choices. USB four-ways hubs?

Electric sockets?


Notably missing earlier were any of these:

Sealed crime scene, that I had wandered around for an hour.

Now this, in a side street across the way, is evidence of real laziness and/or fecklessness:

B&Q Trolley

If you’re going to steal a 40 inch telly, my moral code says you should carry the damn thing yourself.




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