All this for free.

Works outing to the V&A – that ‘work’ being my class on the Capel Manor garden design course.  We were there to start sketchbooks, looking at the thousands of floral + botanical motifs housed in the museum:

Mughal tapestry

Could fancy these in my kitchen.


Surya the sun god, 1100-1200, with lotus blossoms.

'Doves of Pliny' mosaic

Italian mosaic 200BCE. Those tiles are tiny, some 1mm square.

Mother goddess

Terracotta floral motifs that survived 2000 years

I wandered a bit off topic:

Wish-fulfilling Cow

Part woman, part cow, with the wings of an eagle and the tail of a peacock. Seriously GM.

The 20th century galleries have many goodies too:

'This Mortal Coil'

Would this help with my book storage issues?

'Librarian's Garden'

That’s what I call pop-up.

'Homemaker' tableware

This stopped me in my tracks – not only was it the Isherwood family tableware, but I spent some two years selling it, as a Woolworths Saturday Girl.

John Madejski Garden

Major analysis of the garden. We liked the curved turf lines but weren’t too keen on the oval slab. But it makes much more sense when the daylight drops:

Garden, later



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