Day One

As yesterday was +/- a travelling day I’ll count on from here. Plus I’m too tired to think of an original and witty title.

Proper tea.

Reference pic for skin colour, day one.

Taken into the town to shop by kind neighbour Stella so I can eat things except eggs, and we did the Grand Almunecar Tour while we were there.

Highly fashionable outdoor gym. Saved for later.

Someone has to be first.

It feels like about 30 degrees in full sun, so if this were Bournemouth the beach would be packed.

This is how Osteospermums are meant to grow.

The surreal Syrian sculpture park, with a demonstration of why Arabic script and stonemasonry don’t mix.

Nags heads.

Multiple references

No-one made them do this. And why can’t you buy tiles like these in the UK? I’d have some, but they would not fit into the Easyjet baggage allowance.


Gratuitous joy on a grocer’s van.



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