The Neighbours


None of these was at the meeting on Saturday morning of the Almunecar Women’s Group. It is for English-speaking residents and occasional visitors, and what I saw was information sharing, so I will sign up to the mailing list. Alternate meetings, next in 2 weeks, are just social. The group was started essentially to support women who could be very isolated after moving here.  Walking, gardening, yoga and eating are all on the agenda.There are plans for a big cultural event in October that will have an international input. The Brits have drawn The Sixties – a decade of two halves if ever there was one.

Local elections coming up shortly so will endeavour to find out who’s saying what, given the parlous state of this nation. There are a couple of English-language papers which I will try to track down. It is embarrassing being such a monoglot, but Spanish has 32 conjugations of verbs. I’ve acquired a few nouns so far, and Buenos Dias, to show willing. Otherwise shout-and-point will have to do. And gurning.


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