What makes a cloud?

…a cloud?
This little cloudette came roiling over the hill this morning. But then I had to wonder if it was in fact mist? Is there a distinction between the two? Such are the deep questions this morning at Casa Miranda.

Cloud # 1

Cloud # many.

I’m growing to like that road bridge. It’s the local part of the A7 autovia. When complete there will be a fast coast road from Gibraltar to Rome. The necessity of straddling the (currently dry) river beds – here the Rio Verde – creates those arches which make it something more than a clunky load of pillars.

It is, without going soft on oil-based transport,  a fine example of collected human endeavour, even international co-operation. Sometimes we forget to acknowledge such possibilities.

A great morning for philosophy hereabouts.


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One Response to “What makes a cloud?”

  1. Barbara Hartley Says:

    Have you considered the possibility of smoke?! No it could well be mist rolling in. Sometimes if you drive on up the road the mountain tops are above the cloud.
    There was a terrible accident while they were building the motorway just to the left of the arches. 6men died, we were watching.
    Some people have noticed the arches are a bit like a major international crap food chain logo

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