A local stroll

Walked to the nearest village, Torrecuevas, which kind of blends into the edge of Almunecar on the other side.  We reckon that walking straight down the riverbed would take us into town in about a mile, but not sure how to get out as the sides are bricked in. One for another day. It’s 4km by wriggly road from town to Cahicillos, the alleged location of Casa Miranda; it doesn’t appear on maps or in taxi drivers’ knowledge.

Saw banana:

Massive eucalyptus:

and miles of this crop, which I think is chirimoya,  the custard apple.

and – guavas?

This is the nearest bus stop, route number 5.  Need to double-check before my return flight.

Had a coffee in the bar so we could say we’ve done it.  Ordering these has got a bit easier.



One Response to “A local stroll”

  1. 2gotoindia Says:

    Nearest bus stop is by the bins and letter boxes..bus turns round here.
    FRuit is loquat, or nispola. Need to eat it when very ripe or dry in sun, oven for delicious dried fruit!
    Guavas in house on corner by bus stop. Mngos also grown.

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