Market Day

Friday is market day in Almunecar. The free car park becomes a market for Stuff. Not a lot we’d want to buy, clothes, shoes, some foods etc. One stall has locally designed pottery which I may revisit, as the last of my flowerpots from Granada in 1986 has now succumbed to an excess of garden users. Each region has its own design – Granada’s is white with blue and cyan, the local ones are beige-based with indigo-blue patterns.

Liz bought some local honey, then later realised she couldn’t take it on the plane as hand luggage, as it’s obviously a suspect liquid.  I’ll have to bring it in my hold luggage.

A bit more strolling,

Early engineering

then paella

Sin carne, sin pescado

in a touristy bar in the town square.

While we waited (ages) to eat, this woman turned up carrying a plywood board. And did an unaccompanied dance, just like that, for our loose change. Beats Covent Garden.

Flamenco just for us.

The whole town is being prepared for the biggest parades of the year starting this weekend, for the easter season – Santa Semana, holy week. It’s a big deal. There are bleachers along the main roads, and this spot we guess for town hall high-ups:

It all kicks off on Sunday, with parades every day organised by different ‘brotherhoods’.  Hm.



One Response to “Market Day”

  1. 2gotoindia Says:

    How’s the garden? is it raining at all? Has June come to fix the pool yet?
    You are really settled in now!

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