Un, deux, trois, cats, cinq.

well the French works better than uno, dos, tres, quattro, cinque.


A few more cat pics to keep their absentee mothers happy:


5 Responses to “Un, deux, trois, cats, cinq.”

  1. 2gotoindia Says:

    Yes aren’t they cute when they want to be?! Felix might need to watch his weight, from the photo! Thoroughly spoiled, all of them!

  2. 2gotoindia Says:

    Cinch, not cinque, and cuatro

  3. Pam I Says:

    I was guessing. My book says Cinco.

  4. Natasha Beck Says:

    Love the tuxedo cats; they resemble my Oreo.

  5. 2gotoindia Says:

    Yes cinco Ipad misprint!

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