Radio Silence

One of the biggest changes for me being here is that I can’t easily get the radio. The only way to listen is via the satellite TV setup, so only in the living room. As I am used to having Radio 4 on more or less all day, it’s very odd. Also I use the radio for those insomniac 4am spells, easier to drop off again to the World Service than reading as that makes you wake up.

I thought I had found the solution by packing my little ‘travel radio’ but the wavelengths are full of what seems to be Spanish pirates. So that didn’t work.  Long wave is a possible answer but not on this device.

Anyway – what on earth happened in Ambridge while I wasn’t listening? When I left all was gloom at Bridge Farm as Bad Sharon was hanging onto Rich. Now some of the famous Ambridge Fairy Dust has been sprinkled over them, I guess because Good Eamonn has done some magic. I predict ructions over inheritance in about ten years time. You read it here first.




2 Responses to “Radio Silence”

  1. 2gotoindia Says:

    Download archers and women’s hour podcasts from the Internet…thought we had said that in the house book! Good luck.

  2. Pam I Says:

    Can do podcasts and get The Archers of an evening as its indoors time by 8pm. But it’s the randomness of permanently-on that I miss. Can’t get anything by internet radio, despite it being less demanding than TV.

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