Cheesy adventures

Buying cheese by the picture on the packet has proved to be a bit exciting. Now I know that goats are cabras and sheep are ovejas, I’m a little better prepared.  I like that Vega e Hijos (children of the fertile valley? huh?) which is a fresh cow/goat hard-ish cheese a bit like mascarpone. The round one with herby coating – Queso de Oveja – is a hard sheeps cheese with rosemary and thyme, good on thick brown bread. The top wooden-cased one was meant to be a sort of mozarella to go with the avocados and make endless tricolore salads, but on opening it ran over my fingers as it’s a semi-set sheeps cheese that is shall we say pungent – more like a very thick sour cream. Looking up Torta Extremena led me to some cake recipes, so I am confused. It was the priciest of the lot so must be a special treat.

For insurance I bought the one on the right. You know where you are with English oops Irish. (I thought all Cheddar was from Somerset. Diversion – West Country Cheddar must come from Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. Plain old cheddar is just a type not a location.)




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    […] – in my book – outcome of what to do with the mystery cheese Torta Extremeda. It’s from this recipe from good ol’ beeb, with amendments – […]

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