Friday darkness

As the day went on, a third group took over.  The parade takes place in darkness with the streetlights  out. It is meant to be silent, though there was quite a bit of ssshhing.

There are two floats, one for JC in a gold and glass coffin (a bit of a deflection from the story I recall) and one for Mary.  I don’t have figures for these, but my reading shows that some of these assembledges weigh up to 7000 pounds. That’s like one big car to carry, and explains the frequent stops.

It was almost impossible to photograph with the eqpt I had brought with me, so apologies for the quality herewith.  The smoke from the incense didn’t help.

OK It’s a video of almost total darkness, but you get the music; the only lights are on the Mary statue, and little clip-on lights used by the band, and at the end, a car that has got itself stuck in the queue. It gives some impression of the very steep slope (approaching 45 degrees) down which they pass, controlling that enormous weight must be somewhat hazardous.  It’s the path from the big church, Iglesia de la Encarnacion, to the square, the Spanish flag and green light on the fountain top right from about 2.00.  Hang in there for tail-end Charlie, who didn’t sell anything while I was watching.



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One Response to “Friday darkness”

  1. Barbara Hartley Says:

    glad you got it on film!

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