Just Another Demo


(‘Scuse wobbly video, tight elbows situation)

Slightly terrifying parades in Almunecar for Semana Santa – holy week.  There were three separate parades on the good friday, each involving a cofradia (coalition/guild/brotherhood) of churches.  I need a major deconstruction of these from someone in the know, it’s all full of what I hope is just Catholic symbolism.

Pics from the slightly less scary daytime parade

See next post for the evening parade.



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2 Responses to “Just Another Demo”

  1. Barbara Hartley Says:

    We like the women in black with the black mantillas, but did you see the all women one, with gold mantillas?!

  2. Pam I Says:

    There was one woman in gold with what I took to be the Important People at the head of the parade (see above). No all-gold ones. All the blocs are gendered – women walk along looking sombre, and blokes hump heavy weights. But cant tell who’s who under those hoods – which I presume is their origin -.the removal of individual personality? Jung’s Ur-mind?

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