Froad? Trog?

I heard this gorgeous beastie moving about in the shrubbery as I climbed the path up to the house last night.

Amphibian, Almunecar.

I did it the indignity of bringing it out for a closer look. I can’t work out what it is, as the warts imply it’s a toad, but the markings are more like those of a frog, and my junior I-Spy books told me that a toad would leave a stink behind on my hands from the warts – which it didn’t. And this is no English bit of nature study – because I have never seen a frog/toad this size before.

That’s a 50-cent coin, which measures 24mm diameter. That makes it about 150mm long, nose to non-tail.  I am impressed.

[Later] a bit of searching tells me this is Bufo bufo spinosus, a Mediterranean variety of common toad.   The poisonous skin thing is true, it will kill a dog which bites it.  The bulges behind the eyes are the paratoid glands, which are contain a noxious substance, bufotoxin.  She must have known I am vegetarian, i.e. not a predator.  Could have done with better pics, but this was balancing phone-as-torch, camera, wallet (for coin) and toad which kept running off, on a very steep slope in the dark.



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