Not quite Anglesey*

Two days’ gardening to catch these first dry days in weeks – and succeeded in a great landmark, moving my birch tree into what has been its intended position for about five years. It’s been sitting in my dark side-passage where it just gets the early morning light between houses.  A summer of working on the fences and paths is almost done, so it’s on to  working out the planting.  Now I’ve colonised the garden, I can use the sunny end, and this is where the birch can go hopefully to thrive. It’s meant to be multi-stemmed but only three stems look substantial now, from the ten it began with.

Birch in its intended place, at last.

I’ll plant it in November.

South-east corner

Dug in the green manure, then more pots brought round from the side – fig tree and juniper. On the left is the last of my sweet corn awaiting harvest, they are delicious.

Stubborn figs

The fig tree will be given a year or so in the sun to prove it can grow figs that actually ripen. They stay green then drop off so far.

This week I’ll sneak around to gather in more of those now-redundant recycling crates as we’ve just gone over to wheely-bins, I have Plans for the front yard.

East side

So – I dug over all that and the other beds, pulled out those rocks, and ran a row of rope-topped tiles along the back to try to protect that new and very swish trellis. The wooden crates are cheapo compost bins to be used as small raised beds, perhaps.

Victorian rope-top tiles

That’s a climbing fuchsia, didn’t know they had made one, it’s claimed to grow to 5m. It’s Lady Boothby, named for the founder of the British Fuchsia Society in 1939.

I should sleep well tonight.

*Anglesey Abbey in Cambridge has a stunning grove of Betula utilis x Jacquemontii



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