Back to Real Mother

or, Angel the final part.

The little stray cat Angel that moved in with me five weeks ago has been traced and returned to her home today. As I suspected from my first enquiries from the microchip info, she had come from a narrowboat on the canal.  This one, in the middle>>

Lea Navigation Canal, downstream from Springfield Marina

No replies from initial messages left, then I emailed the original owner a couple of weeks ago, had a surprise reply yesterday when I was about to give up and start the Re-home Wanted process.

This first owner, Lisa, had Angel since a kitten four years ago, on her houseboat in Burton on Trent, so the cat was used to living on board. Lisa joined the army and sold the boat in June this year. She persuaded the new owners to take Angel as well. They had sailed down cross-country since then, and are moored for now at Springfield Park, about two miles away.  She disappeared from there the night I later found her, 11th October, so five weeks ago.

She must have got spooked or chased, as in about three hours she had travelled some two miles in heavy rain, and crossed the canal, a railway line and many roads, before ending up soaked and distressed in my front yard.

Angel travelled from A to B.

It’s been a pleasure to have her here, I am happy to do respite care for cats at this stage, I just want to be able to go away ad lib which can’t happen with dependent animals in the house.

Here she is back home:

Catherine and Angel

I have strongly recommended that they fit her a collar with their updated contact info, as reading the microchip means a trip to the vet which no cats like. That will also let people know she’s a pet and reduce the chance of her being taken in by another Crazy Cat Lady.

It was a fine day to be out on the marshes so I had a bit of a stroll, haven’t been here for a while and must must get back on the bike, it’s only five minutes away through a short cut from home.

Lea Valley Park

Lea Navigation Canal

This algal growth has got a lost worse since I was last here. The leafy growth is on top of the water, that’s just a narrow channel through it. It’s caused a bit by neglect – someone should clear it off, but who?  But mostly it’s because of phosphates from soaps and industrial pollution, neither of which should go into the canal or river.  Badly built domestic drainage is a main cause, I only found out this year that most places have two sewers, one to take rainwater run-off from roads and roofs, which goes straight into the river, and one to take foul water that gets treatment. Bodged DIY jobs take bathwater etc into the ‘clean’ sewer and help make this happen. Bad  DIY-ers and cheap builders.

And keep your microchips up to date, people.


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