Capel Manor Redux

Winter Colour opening day at Capel Manor drew me back; it was a rare winter Saturday opening – doesn’t matter to me with my ‘flexible time’, I could have gone midweek earlier when the snow was still there. But today it was sunny. I now have my cheapo ex-student annual season ticket (for £10 !) so will try to get there more often, it is simultaneously relaxing and stimulating there, especially now I’m not fretting about trying to remember all the plant names.  I will check out the rail version of the journey now there’s no deadlines, the last couple of miles are a bit haphazard though.

Lots of plants are ready to burst:

Some new things have appeared – this plastic-bottle greenhouse structure in the ‘scrap’ garden is a useful idea – but all my plastic bottles so far are green.

Round + about:

I’m curious about this – a graft? Bee house? There are half a dozen in this corner:


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