The perfect ending to a depressing week.

A few days of a thankfully passed vertigo-type sickness, miss the photo op of the election count. Feel better in body but devastated in soul by Friday.  Monday, come home from helping pack up a friend’s bankrupt business, to find Upstairs’ ceiling has deposited itself all over my living room.  Well it was time I tidied up anyway.

These are quick snaps, but I think I’ll re-shoot some for sale to insurance companies.  This was caused by a tiny leak, about two drips a minute. It has gradually soaked the plaster without showing any clues – I know I would have noticed a damp patch.   Then, whoomph. So how can you possibly prevent this by regular maintenance?  This could be going on in any pipe, anywhere. Invent a way to predict a leak, and you’re rich.

Fortunately I lost nothing* of value in this, a couple of books and a car speaker  (*so far – the search isn’t over). It’s going to take days to clean up, damp plaster mud everywhere. Then clear the room so the ceiling can all be taken down and a new one installed.

I blame the Tories.



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