March for Europe

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2nd July 2016.  60,000 or more upset Remain voters.

Never seen so many hand-made signs and placards, a sweet change from the SWP’s print-outs, as SWP were Lexiters. Lost recruiting opportunity there, chaps.



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3 Responses to “March for Europe”

  1. Sally Collings Says:

    Re Europe July 2nd. Pam, the flow seems to be very slow and stops after three slides. Is that my device?
    I would love to share this with Walk Together Bridpirt, a loose left grouping that is planning a demo-March next Sat 9 th July. Come and take pix?! But at least please send them some inspiring banners… See the Facebook page for more info. ( a bit wobbly but some good people in it)
    I’m away for the next 4 days (Calais kitchens). Hope you can share your work with Bridpirt!
    Sally x

  2. Pam I Says:

    Hi Sally, it plays OK on my PC but that could be because it’s cached here as I made it. But no other complaints, probably just that it’s a big file to download, 100+ pics, so depends on your broadband.

  3. Marj Says:

    These are fantastic! Thanks, Pam.

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