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Not quite an International Women’s Day march.

More than I was expecting, several thousand women and men assembled at City Hall, by Tower Bridge, then crossed the bridge to end at the Tower (to my great relief, I thought it was going to come back across London Bridge and my knees had had enough by then). It is I’m guessing connected to the IWD marches on bridges that have been going on for a few years. This, organised by Care International, was led by celebs and politicians. Here are Annie Lennox, Bianca Jagger, Emeli Sandé, Helena Kennedy, Emily Thornberry, Helen Pankhurst, and Sadiq Khan (mayor of London), plus many unfamous feminists. Many of the placards were familiar from the anti-trump march in January.   It rained a bit.

There were many straight press photographers there. This was odd, as the day before, the huge NHS march got very little press coverage.  Maybe if these celebs had been there too, there would have been double-page spreads in the Sundays.

PS I just looked at the posts in the press.  Don’t read the comments, people. There’s a lot of hate for Sadiq Khan. They don’t like women much either.


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