Brighton Pride 2016

August 11, 2016

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Video coming soon.


London for All /No Place for Hate

August 2, 2016


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Sunday July 31

A march and rally in response to recent surge in racist attacks, both verbal and physical, and the feeling among many EU and other citizens here that they suddenly don’t belong, post-Brexit.

Organised by Citizens UK,  one march came from the Cathedral of St George in Southwark (an important centre for London LatinAmericans). Simultaneously  groups came from the East London mosque and Tower Hill. They met at City Hall then together crossed Tower Bridge and back, to symbolise connections between north and south London..




March for Europe

July 4, 2016

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2nd July 2016.  60,000 or more upset Remain voters.

Never seen so many hand-made signs and placards, a sweet change from the SWP’s print-outs, as SWP were Lexiters. Lost recruiting opportunity there, chaps.



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