A Garden Bridge, at last

April 17, 2019

London is one of the hosts for the Extinction Rebellion events this week. Four sites, crossroads, disruption to stop destruction.  Waterloo Bridge has now become an actual  garden bridge; the old Tory daft idea was dropped after wasting millions of our money on some very dodgy dealings.  I believe there is a boat at Oxford Circus, and a bicycle-powered piano player at Marble Arch.  It’s going to be sunny at the weekend.


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Bollocks to Brexit

March 24, 2019

A few of the million/two million (still being agreed) who marched through London to try to get that message across that seems so obvious when you consider the alternative.


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Best seen in helicopter pics, as it filled the whole of the route from Marble Arch to Parliament Square, the long way round. It took five hours to filter past.


Pride 2018, part one

July 9, 2018

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London, LGBT Pride, 7th July 2018.  All settling in for the usual parade (not march) led by the mayor and celebs and bank floats. Then a bunch of women suddenly arrived with banners saying revolutionary things like, Lesbian=female homosexual.  Obviously such statements could not be allowed, there was a bit of a discussion as the women didn’t – shock horror! – have the right wristbands. So of course they lay down in  the road until it was agreed they could march as long as they left a respectable distance behind them and did not pollute the rest of the Parade. So they carried on and headed up the march as far as Trafalgar Square.

Some people were a bit cross, especially when they heard about that last bit.

It was 31degrees and the very sensible march organisers say they allowed this because otherwise everyone would have fainted.

Here is their flyer which spells out the main reasons they had to do this.