Whole Lotta Lund

October 25, 2014

So still learning how to do video which is hugely different from stills. Got in a lot of practice at the gig on 17th October at The Russet, a comfy bar/theatre/gig space in Hackney, where Lund did the official launch of their new CD. Ten numbers, ten videos. Here you go:


Sappho’s Rock

In Your Eyes


Bliss Dance

Full Moon Night

Sixty in Paris



Billy’s Vision Quest

Or just buy the CD or download tracks at www.lundband.bandcamp.com


Climate March videos

September 23, 2014

Just after the start, massed choirs from Hackney and beyond:


Later: http://youtu.be/x6y8-k-TsPI The People’s Climate March passing Downing Street, London. Music and commentary c/o the Hare Krishnas. 21st September 2014

Tearful, moi?

September 22, 2014

Yes, this cynical old hack was left tearful at the first sight of the huge energy of the young people on the People’s Climate March in London today. It was the combination of that youth, and the awful threat that faces all these young ones. They are so gorgeous, and so going to live through a horrible future. Slideshow: Read the rest of this entry »


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