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The Other Haringey

November 11, 2012

A trip across this borough of two halves – I was drawn to Ally Pally by the compost giveaway today. That turned out to be a bit oversubscribed 😦

I’d not been round the back of the Pally before and found just how close it’s possible to live to this lovely site. I wonder how many of our esteemed Labour councillors live in these roads? (more…)



September 26, 2010


Cliches are best

Cliches are best


Saturday, the first meeting of HarinGAY. Well if you live in a borough with a name like that it has to happen, yes?

So coffee and breakfast-becoming-lunch* at San Marco’s in Bruce Grove. Ten-ish people, a beginning.

I then spent far too long setting up a blog, should have been a five minute job but WordPress has gone weird on me, I suspect I’ve missed an upgrade.  [Now I find it’s a browser issue, it works OK in Chrome.]

Have look:    haringaaay

(Can’t use CAPS in a URL, and there’s another ‘haringay’ blog which seems to be pin-ups for Da Menz. I averted my eyes.)

I am slightly bemused to find myself going along with this name after all those years of insisting that the L be spelt out in L&G.

*resistant as ever to american neologisms. Shopping ‘malls’, fie.


Battle Won

June 23, 2010

…if not the war.

22nd June, Wards Corner Community  Coalition: “We are very pleased to announce that today the Court of Appeal stood by the Community of Tottenham and ruled in our favour.  We won. The Grainger application has been quashed.  It is not over, there is still much to fight for but this is our platform for achieving what will really resource this community.”

Celebration party this Sunday 27th 8pm, at the market. (more…)