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Street Photography

February 6, 2010

Just popped out for breakfast, and what do I find?  I’m a billboard artist now.

Max, Joan and blur

Max, Joan and blur.


The NPG have now linked all the Format photos in the show on their website, see the list of subjects (tho not all the images, following different decisions from the other togs about levels of release).



It’s there

January 23, 2010

Off the Wall

The exhibition on the work of Format Photographers is now up at the National Portrait Gallery – room 38a to save your shoe leather.

Here’s my pic of Joan Ruddock. Photo by Brenda Prince whose pic of Jackie Forster (who should have been made a Dame) is also seen.

It’s a really nice layout and will be there for six months.

Chuffed, very.


My 15 inches of fame

December 1, 2009

A 10″ x 15″ print, approx – from a 1983 pic of Joan Ruddock, now Minister of State for Energy at the Department of Energy and Climate Change of NuLab, but then chair of CND and perhaps willing to be called a Greenham Woman.  This print is joining other work from Format, my alma mater agency, on the holy wall of the National Portrait Gallery. (more…)