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Not quite Anglesey*

October 21, 2012

Two days’ gardening to catch these first dry days in weeks – and succeeded in a great landmark, moving my birch tree into what has been its intended position for about five years. It’s been sitting in my dark side-passage where it just gets the early morning light between houses.  A summer of working on the fences and paths is almost done, so it’s on to  working out the planting.  Now I’ve colonised the garden, I can use the sunny end, and this is where the birch can go hopefully to thrive. It’s meant to be multi-stemmed but only three stems look substantial now, from the ten it began with.

Birch in its intended place, at last.

I’ll plant it in November. (more…)


Some Flora

October 18, 2008

From that b’day visit to Ally Pally and their expensive but satisfying garden shop.

The beginning of my own stand of birches

Birch beginnings

Birch beginnings


Some Gratuitous Trees

August 16, 2008

From the Saturday outing.

St George’s Gardens – a tiny hidden park in Bloomsbury which was a graveyard, now being done up a bit. This tree has been there a while.

Liz and friend

Liz and friend