City Farms’ day out

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For a change, a dozen city farms had a day out on Saturday 17th September, and brought their finest to compete against others at Capel Manor grounds.
Classic stuff. And such engaged young people. These are all inner-city London city farms.

Diary in now for next year.
Organised by London Farms and Gardens   Their blurb..

Savour the sights and sounds of amazing animals, dazzling displays and prizewinning produce at the only country show with an urban twist. This is a fun family day out with lots for the kids to see and do!

Now in its 18th year, this unique urban harvest event is organised by London’s fantastic community farms and gardens.

From across London they converge at Capel Manor Gardens to show what they grow, from giant sunflowers to mini-gardens. Everything in the horticulture show, from King Edward potatoes to Bangladeshi gourds and even chickpeas, is grown in London.

At the animal show, visitors can meet all creatures great and small, from big Shire horses to small ferrets and call ducks-all shown by young farmers clubs.

There will also be:
• a honey show
• blacksmith and food demonstrations
• a dog agility show
• a wide-range of have-a-go activities for all ages
• stalls and refreshments.



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