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City Farms’ day out

September 20, 2016

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For a change, a dozen city farms had a day out on Saturday 17th September, and brought their finest to compete against others at Capel Manor grounds.
Classic stuff. And such engaged young people. These are all inner-city London city farms.

Diary in now for next year.
Organised by London Farms and Gardens   Their blurb..

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May 12, 2015

The perfect ending to a depressing week.

A few days of a thankfully passed vertigo-type sickness, miss the photo op of the election count. Feel better in body but devastated in soul by Friday.  Monday, come home from helping pack up a friend’s bankrupt business, to find Upstairs’ ceiling has deposited itself all over my living room.  Well it was time I tidied up anyway. (more…)

What to do with a 100-foot south facing garden

July 8, 2013

(a) You can play tennis

Back garden

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