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Brighton Pride 2016

August 11, 2016

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Video coming soon.



First of Many

July 7, 2012

LGBT Pride/World Pride London 2012

Just another 709 files to go through now.


Funny old day, Pride more like it used to be, no floats, no end destination. Some stayed away because of this, and I am wondering if that’s why there seemed to be more women this year? That the disco bunny boys only come for the floats and they were the ones who did a sort of boycott?

More info will be likely to come out in the next few days, of the reasons for the scaling down of the day – blame is resting on Boris Johnson’s broad shoulders at the mo.






February 17, 2012


Three exhibitions installed at the TUC. My ‘Decade#1′, Vera Rodriguez’ work and one on Queer Belgrade. Bit of a double-booking means they will only be up for a week, then down, then up again on February 29th.

Photo here from new phone, emergency replacement when the last one got wet and went splat. Pics look good on the little screen but don’t blow up too well. Stick to cameras.