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Ken visits

March 16, 2012

It’s that time in the electoral cycle again – Ken Livingstone visits the market at Seven Sisters.

He did say that if he is elected as mayor, he will veto the Grainger plan to demolish the market and build clone shops. The mayor has responsibility for Transport for London which holds the freehold as the market is above the tube station, so this is a meaningful promise.




Same Old, Same Old

January 16, 2009

Seven Sisters ward by-election results:

It's over when it's over

It's over when it's over



January 14, 2009

Couple of notes.  Dave Hill has put up an excellent piece about visiting Wards Corner on his Guardian blog.

And I just acquired a piece of Heathrow.  It’s the third blade of grass on the left past the lamppost. Get yours now before they are all gone.

Last night there was (were?)  hustings for the Seven Sisters ward by-election which happens this Thursday.  Here they are, plus the chair of the Tottenham Traders and minus the Tory candidate who sent a sub.

Seven Sisters ward by-election - hustings

Seven Sisters ward by-election - hustings

Five good burghers and true, all promising everything. Reminds me of how Boris promised to save the market, the day before he was elected Mayor in May. Then dumped us.

Then browsing Dave’s links, there’s a piece about Fairlop Waters. Could this be the Fairlop Lake that was at the bottom of the garden of the prefab I grew up in, in Barkingside?  Maybe if my cycling legs have arrived by then, I’ll have a look this summer. No trace of the prefab now, nor of Kelvedon Gardens, from the days before postcodes.