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Gay Pride quotations wanted

January 8, 2010

Gay Pride 1980
I’ve been commissioned to produce an exhibition of my years + years of photos of  (what are now called) LGBT Pride marches in London, this time for the Lambeth LGBT Staff Forum.
I need quotes re people’s experiences of, and feelings about, Pride marches. As the exhn is for LGBT History Month and will be used as good old Positive Images, I couldn’t use anything too critical, but doubtful would be OK.  It’s to include in with the panels of photos. My archive goes from 1978 to date so there are a lot of years to cover – I will also refer to the first six London marches from 1972 to 1977.
A sentence or two is what I’m looking for. (more…)

Hello world indeed

July 7, 2008

This may be a very procrastinatable idea, but here goes. It has to be an easier way of posting new photos than via my website.  For the gallery there, see

elbow monster

Here’s an untypical day at work, the first Saturday in July in London is of course Gay Pride.

The finest from the Fourth Estate got very excited by the arrival of Boris Johnson, who still has novelty value as London’s mayor. I’m so out of practice that I got whacked on the nose, most of my work these days is a little more sedate. I know they have deadlines, but why do the big boys work as if they only have ten seconds to get a shot? The march takes two hours…

I’ll use this new toy to post other pics from Pride when I see how it works.