Holiday snaps

July 30, 2014

for those stubborn hold-outs who don’t have F*ceb**k

The view from the breakfast table:

 Backwell, Somerset

Clevedon pier with added sunset:



Weston super Mare pier – Distinct touch of the Zaha Hadid’s

Weston super Mare pier

Bristol Airport from the A38

Bristol Airport from A38 road


More of the cottage

Backwell, Somerset

Sam giving the song of his people


Arum italicum marmoratum



Sand Bay, Weston super Mare

Sand Bay, Weston super Mare

Scum traces at Sand Bay

Sand Bay, Weston super Mare




Dykes, allies and others.

June 22, 2014

Dyke March London, June 21st 2014

Piccadilly to Soho Square.

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Wish Me Luck

July 31, 2013

Just dropped off a print of this pic to go into the annual National Portrait Gallery portrait competition.


Well I like it. It’s of Alison Rayner leading her group ARQ at the Vortex. It’s nothing like the sort of pic that gets picked by the NPG so I have even less chance than usual of being one of the 60 winners (no ££ prize except for the 1st), but if they fancy something different, here’s my offering.

Sadly the detail in the shadows that I spent hours putting into  the image didn’t come through in the overpriced print I had made. A lesson in itself. One thing to miss about leaving my teaching job is being able to work with the techs  there, in their time off of course, to tweak prints till they come through right.

[Update: they were not convinced. But Alison is using this pic and others on her new CD, August]


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